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Nazi 3D, Philippe Mora and me

2011-10-03 by Alan Goldman

Meeting MoraPhilippe Mora and I recently met at the Toronto International 3D Conference. He told me how in 1971 he knocked on Albert Speer’s door in Heidelberg (Speer designed buildings, monuments and decorations, as well as the parade grounds at Nuremberg and became Hitler’s Armaments Minister). Mora was invited in for lunch. He spent the day with Speer, who even showed him his 9.5MM ...

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Glowing in the Dark

2011-01-13 by Alan Goldman

Lili Lakich Studio will kick off The Spring Neon Workshop with a reunion of previous Workshop students and new students with a screening of the film “Glowing in the Dark” (1997), a 48-minute film that examines neon from its beginnings in Paris in 1923 to the profusion of light that bathed North American cities in the 1950s, the decline and destruction of the form in the 1960s and 70s t...

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12 Important Video Marketing Tips for your Business

2017-06-01 by Silvio Oliveira

If you are starting this journey now, you may feel a little bit insecure or even unsure about the way ahead. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), digital advertising revenue in the United States reached $ 72.5 billion, up nearly 22 percent last year from $ 59.6 billion in 2015. In a report by IAB, as verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, mobile advertising exceeded desktop investme...


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