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If you are starting this journey now, you may feel a little bit insecure or even unsure about the way ahead. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), digital advertising revenue in the United States reached $ 72.5 billion, up nearly 22 percent last year from $ 59.6 billion in 2015. In a report by IAB, as verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, mobile advertising exceeded desktop investments, just as the whole digital business exceeded advertising revenue on TV for the first time. That's why we've prepared 12 Important Video Marketing Tips for Your Business.

1. Content

Betting on a high-end camera will not guarantee the success of your video. Much of the content on internet today is produced on mobile. Focusing on content will bring you more results, make sure your content is relevant and engaging. The viewer likes to connect with real people.

2. Tell Good Stories

Finding the techniques and the best way to tell a story is worth a lot. Without a good script and a good story, it's no use a great production full of visual effects. The best stories are the ones that connect people.

3. References

Watch as many videos as possible before you start your production. Searching for video references in your niche or in another is crucial. The more references you have, the easier it will be to produce your video. In addition to getting to know features that may of use, you will understand the best formats to achieve each goal.

4. Sound Quality

Engaging content demands sound quality. Presenting your content with low sound quality will literally sound like amateurish. It shows that you did not care about the viewer. All your engaging content will be forgotten if you do not mind the audio. How can you communicate if they can not understand you.

5 . Start Small

One big mistake that happens with companies that want to start something new is to be in a hurry. The ideal is to think of video marketing as a strategy. Start by producing a simpler video, to get the audience's attention and feel what they want. Producing 10 videos at once may not be the best option for those starting out.

6. Lighting

As important as the audio, that's where most of the video productions go wrong. Lack of lighting can kill your video as well as audio. There are tips all over the internet about basic lighting. You may prefer to find a video producer to help you.

7. Details

Be thorough about your content, make sure nothing is missing. This is what the briefing and script production is all about. Keep your video simple and focus on saying everything you need in the best possible way. If your content is rich, deliver relevant information and engages the public it has everything to go right.

8. Social Media

Social Media is today one of the main tools to reach the public. Think Television: millions of people watch Television daily. Millions of people also visit Facebook, YouTube and Twitter daily. Social Media networks, however, comes out ahead because there it is possible to targeting your audience. Engaging content, to the right audience, is the recipe for success.

9. Short and Attractive

Video is the most shared type of content on the internet. People pay a lot more attention to videos than to texts. In our fast-paced world, video has become the preferred format for most audiences. It's fast, fun and if you like you can share it with anyone you want. The key is keeping your video within 30 seconds and at most 60 seconds. So people will watch your content to the end. It is also much easier to create quality content for shorter durations.

10. Be present

Arrange your schedule to participate in all steps. Make sure you have a killer script with engaging content and a strong call to action. Be within the timeline of the video producer. If possible, be present on recording days, it is the best way to avoid problems.

11. Promote

Remember to be prepared to promote your video on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other relevant social networks for your business. To be heard you need to be seen. Not promoting your video enough is a common mistake. Be where your audience is, be present and they will recall you.

12. Following-up

One common mistake is not tracking your video. Know who is watching, where and why. To continue producing content and knowing the way you need to find out what works and what does not.


If you follow those tips, you have everything to succeed. Of course the execution depends on a good partnership with a video producer, who can assist you at every stage. In addition to offering all the necessary advice on every step, making the process even easier.

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