Curiosity Never Killed This Cat!


‘Curiosity Never Killed This Cat!’ documents Philippe Mora's motivation for the creation of Swastika and the devastating audience reaction to the initial screening, thus examining the effect that particular experience has had on him and his work since it’s release. Intercut through the film’s spine will be expository information about Mora’s earlier years to include growing up in Australia with his parents the famous artist Mirka, his father George as an entrepreneur, art dealer, patron, connoisseur and restauranteur.

Philippe’s time in 1960’s Swinging London living with Eric Clapton, Germaine Greer and Martin Sharp will also be examined. Additionally, Philippe’s art will be used as animated motion graphics, which will serve as a means of illustrating Mora’s past stories. For an example please see

We will also explore Philippe’s motivation for his most recent productions that employ readily available technology comparing them to his work as a Hollywood genre director in the 80’s and 90’s. Funny and intellectually challenging, these current works often employ improvisation. They demonstrate Philippe’s deconstruction of the filmmaking process itself and he often casts himself joking that, “I work cheaply and am always available”.

Interwoven throughout ‘Curiosity Never Killed This Cat!’, will be Philippe’s journey back to Poland and Germany to discover what exactly happened to his family. This painful voyage will serve as a physical and metaphorical means of structuring the film, resulting in an intimate portrayal of the man. The audience will obtain a captivating account of this search for the bitter truth and observe Philippe sharing his personal thoughts about his family’s tragic past. Throughout this quest, a transformation from on-screen involvement as the “observer” to that of the “observed” will unfold.





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