Who The Jew Are You?


Alan Goldman is a man on a mission. He is disconnected Jew, who becomes a new father only to learn to learn that that his new son is not technically a Jew. If Alan could just figure out what relevance Judaism has in his own life, he’d be able to help his son find his place in the Jewish world. This film documents a journey that brings Goldman face to face with a variety of eclectic Jews who have reconnected to their faith. The Journey is as important as the answers he seeks; and along the way, he uncovers a progressive, modern re-invigorated Judaism.  

Quoting Mark Achbar, Producer of The Corporation & Manufacturing Consent, "Alan have made a courageous and honest film. He explores a topic of great relevance to people who identify with, or have chosen to not identify with, any culture or religious group".

Haida Gwaii Film Festival
Fresno Jewish Film Festival
The Charlotte Jewish Film Festival
Doxa Documentary Film Festival
Global Visions Film Festival
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival
Stamford Jewish Festival
Tuscaloosa Jewish Film Festival
Contra Costa Jewish Film Festival

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