glowing in the dark


Glowing in the Dark captures the energy and vitality of neon, one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising. Set against a backdrop of spectacular footage of Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Glowing in the Dark is an illuminating exploration into the vibrant history and contemporary use of neon. The movement, power, and raw exuberance of neon is revealed through a fascinating demonstration of how neon is made, a montage of notable neon installations, and commentary from a colorful array of enthusiasts including: John Atkin, a heritage advocate and leading expert on the history of neon in Vancouver; Alan Hess, an architect, critic, and author of Viva Las Vegas, who leads viewers on a tour of a graveyard for neon signs; Lili Lakich, a neon sculptor, instructor, and founder of the Neon Museum of Art in Las Angeles; Willem Volkersz, an artist who has brought neon indoors through his quirky exhibit, Domestic Neon; Bill Warren, an entrepreneur who was responsible for erecting some of Vancouver's biggest, brightest and most controversial signs; and Members of the band 54-40 talk about how they saved and restored Vancouver's Smiling Buddha Cabaret sign, a seminal club of the punk era.

Heritage Society of British Columbia in the field of Heritage Conservation
Heritage Vancouver Advocacy Award
CBC, Bravo, AMC & NHK

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